Technical Services

ATA can carry out inspections on individual aircraft, provide an interface with maintenance contractors and the airline or managing aircraft transitions between the lessor and the airline.

ATA’s technical services include but not limited to:

Aircraft Physical Inspections and Technical Records audits

Part M and Part 145 EASA Regulatory Compliance Audits

Aircraft delivery, acceptance and transition management

Preparation of maintenance work scopes and costings

Negotiation and contracting of maintenance inputs and on-site technical representation

Maintenance invoice verification

Lease & Asset Management

ATA’s offers a wealth of experience in the aircraft trading and technical experience arena and this is demonstrated in the evaluation of used individual aircraft or fleet portfolios to achieve leasing structures to maximizing investor returns and minimizing risk.

ATA has a wide range of aircraft lease management products which allows the lessor/owner to outsource administrative and technical oversight of the asset for the duration of the lease term in a highly economic manner.

In order to facilitate this protection of asset value we can provides the following services:

Aircraft Lease negotiation

Management of aircraft delivery and re-delivery

Monitoring of lessee operational, regulatory, maintenance and insurance obligations

Control of lease payments and maintenance reserve collection and reimbursement

Audit of lessee technical capability, systems and procedures

ATA also offers advisory services to investors, lenders and airlines supporting the purchase of new and used aircraft.

Our constant involvement with commercial terms and technical issues places ATA in a unique position to advise on the definition of a new aircraft’s specification and on the negotiation of commercial terms associated with aircraft purchase agreements.